Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trippin to the Pow Wow

Well as some of you may know, myself and Slobey traveled down for our second annual trip to Jacksonville, FL to attend Blake Taylor's Panhandle Pow Wow. This particular trip, Boone, NC homies Rory Marrett and Thomas Martin tagged along for the ride and it proved to be quite the weekend.

The comp was incredible, the people were amazing, and the beach wasn't too shabby either. I really don't' know what more I can say about it. Blake handled shit proper and if this year's contest is any indication of what is to come in the future, I'm in. Also, I put together this little edit to try and capture the overall feel and vibe of the trip so check that out.

Also, thank you's to people I met this year for being rad dudes, good times and brews on the beach.

A couple things to note from the past month or so. Firstly, I scooped up Rochester, NY homie, Mike Torres, to come work aside me here in Greenville, as our new DP/Editor, so he is currently occupying the couch, its always awesome to add another homie to the crew.

Secondly, I finally upgraded to a DSLR (T3i) and have gave up my old 350d and HV20 (both are for sale if you're interested)

Other than that, I'm steady hustlin' on the Blade Book and fully expect it to be done/released this month.

That's about all for now but I have a couple edits cued up so stayed tuned for those, I have to get rid of this old footage somehow.

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