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The Tim Taylor Interview

Tim Taylor still 360s off curbs. You know what I mean, you lace a trick, and as you're rolling away, up comes the curb so you throw a little spin off just because you're passing it and you can. I've always loved that because it's like rollerblading is already awesome so what can we do to make it more awesome...more rollerblading! I don't know about you guys, but when I was growing up I couldn't pass an obstacle without trying some kind of trick on it. I see a lot of these things in Tim Taylor's skating, to this day after his 15+ years in the industry, Tim still 360s off curbs.

For those you who don't know, Tim Taylor is the definition of rollerblading. He supports/skates/represents harder than any other person I know and you will never catch this dude in anything other than a blade shirt or a blank tee, Tim is rollerblading 24/7. Don't get me wrong, he's been known to get some business blading done, but 4 out of the 5 times Tim skates, there are no cameras, and no competitions, just friends and all the potential you can dream of. Sessions with Tim involve a lot of shit talking, a lot of being amazed and even more laughs. I can't think of a single session I've had with Tim where we haven't laughed hysterically about some stupid inside joke that we're stuck on for the entire day, and that's how I know this dude is genuinely enjoying what he is doing. Hopefully this interview will give you a little insight of the way my dude thinks because Tim is a solid, loyal friend and will still 360 the shit outta some curbs.

The Tim Taylor Interview

DD: Let's start off with the same generic beginning, name, age, years skating, and sponsors?

TT: Timothy Scott Taylor, 29, 15 yrs ++ Rollerblade and Denial

DD: Speaking of sponsors, it seems like you've been riding for Denial and RB since the dawn of rollerblading. Why is it that after all these years you've remained loyal to these companies?

TT: I have stayed loyal because I became friends with the guys running these companies years ago. Tom Hyser doesn’t pressure me and neither does Chris Majette or Adam Killgore. These companies have hooked me up and I appreciate it so much. But when it comes down to a contest or just whenever it was time to represent I keep in mind who has my back and skate my ass off for them. Business is Business and I am thankful they keep me on their OG/flow rosters.

DD: So you've been rollerblading for a long time, 15+ years. You have consistency of a robot and the trick vocabulary that closely resembles the number of definitions in the dictionary, tell me, can we expect a Tim Taylor going for pro edit in 2011?

TT: Haha oh yes. No need for the pro tag, I get paid blading all the time haha. Back flips for a dollar at your local skatepark.

Tim Taylor

DD: Hahaha that's perfect. So its 2011, a brand new year, and we've established that you're only limited in the rollerblading world only by your imagination, ultimately, what do you want out of rollerblading this year, what do you plan to do (with rollerblading)?

TT: Good question. 2011 has been good to me so far. I want progression out of rollerblading, I want all the dedicated guys in our industry to get paid. I want success and respect for rollerblading. As for myself, i just want to skate smarter in my old age.. definitely learn new tricks= progression.. you can always learn a little something…lots of aspects to get better at. Shit I might take up skating vert or something..I could learn so much just from that.

DD: Thus far in your rollerblading career, what has been your most gratifying accomplishment?

TT:Denial Tour 2002 Filming for Underestimated. Roces Europe Tour. Traveling with friends having a blast skating.

DD: And what has been your least favorite moment?

TT: All the injuries and sitting in hospitals. Friends quitting, seasonal bladers.

DD: Now on the more personal side of things, a lot of people don't know the sheer amount will power that Tim Taylor possesses. For instance, rumor has it, that you sometimes go months at a time without grinding just to see if you there any truth to that? If yes, explain.

TT: I possess something. Will power is all. The not grinding thing is easy. There's so much you can do on skates and not grinding just helps you progress in different ways. There's times when all I want to do is grind stuff constantly cause I been on the no grind tip for so long. So it all balances out. You gotta be moderate with what you do is my advice.

Tim Taylor

DD: So rumor also has it (there are a lot of rumors about you Tim) that you have a gigantic collection of rollerblading paraphernalia including but not limited to, unopened skates, senate combs, clothing, this collection real?

TT: My collection kills. I have supported hard over the years..still buying skates just to collect when I was getting free skates. There's a few thousand dollars worth of skates. Clothing and stuff is just what I have picked up or acquired over the years. Senate comb yes I own one and can do some tricks.

Tim Taylor

DD: What is the one most coveted rollerblading item that you own?

TT: Hard Question. Guess some prototype Xsjado style Roces Graals. Walkable style liners. super comfy. Fiziks Frames.

DD: Are you ever going to let me get in there with a camera to take pictures to show the world your collection?

TT: Maybe one day. I have thought about it a lot and my world is small and who I let see my collection is even smaller. To this day only 4 to 5 people have seen it. Usually people geek out cause its pretty intense. Looking at it now I think holy shit I got problems or should be on Hoarders. Then I realize I just love rollerblading a shit ton and that’s that.

DD: What, if anything, what does the rollerblading industry need right now?

TT: Money ( takes it to make it) For the younger next generation crews/groms/skatepark kids to keep multiplying and turning over and over and over. Blade population needs to grow in a big way. More and more local events to keep these younger kids excited about skating also.

DD: Sticking with the subject of youth in blading, growing up, who inspired you to get out there and blade? Who got you juiced?

TT: Dustin Latimer Jon Julio TJ Webber . VG’s Suitable Material All my friends from school that got me started.

Tim Taylor

DD: So if you had never found rollerblading, where might we catch Tim Taylor on a Tuesday night, let's say around 7pm?

TT: Working out, In school, Hanging with my girlfriend. Its so hard to say cause there’s so much to do and seems like not enough time. Hell reading. On the Internet. Watching sports. Watching some series like Dexter or Sopranos etc. Chilling with a smile on my face. working somewhere trying to stack paper. Getting hassled by the police.

DD: As mentioned before, you've been rollerblading for a long time. Rollerblading definitely takes its toll your body, more so than most passtimes, so how have you kept going for so long? And what advice can you give to other dudes that aspire to rollerblade for as many years as you've managed to?

TT: Stretch a lot before and after, its hard cause, still to this day I wanna just laces up my skates and get to doing tricks. I wish when I was younger I took days off more often and stretched. My body is falling apart esp my feet from mistreatment. Nowadays I skate less often but when I do I try to for longer. For the older guys its about staying in shape.. so your days you don’t skate take thirty minutes and exercise..break a sweat and you will feel better. Eat healthy and take vitamins. Party less.

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

DD: Ok, switching gears, because I'm sure the world is dying to know about this unicorn of a legend, but tell me about the Junk Edit.

TT: Junk Edit just started out me and Johnny Ray filming messing around getting creative with objects in a skate park we both worked at. Getting creative on the blades. Have to thank J.ray for keeping me motivated and coming up with all sorts of ideas and set ups to skate. It was Johnny’s idea and vision.. I just bladed and filmed, helped as needed. It progressed into the Junk Edit and we both just kept it under wraps from everyone. This edit will happen man. Still to this day Johnny has a camera and we skate junk at Union St. Park and Noname Skatepark Ximeno just where ever. So to this day even we still film for it kinda hahaha even got some street junk edit stuff. So one day man.

DD: Do you think the junk edit will ever be made?

TT: Honestly I think it will. The tapes are available. The footage is logged. It’s sitting on the back burner just waiting. I am not in control of this. But I believe someone is going to take up the project and make it all happen. The junk edit is like a wine just waiting, getting better and better, aging.

DD: In finality, I heard Benke schools you in some Tiger Woods.

TT: Oh man that game. T woods is the man. I am waiting for him to get his golf game back on track and watch all the haters jump on his nuts again. Benke is a fierce gaming competitor, scary at times haha. He didn’t school me. I schooled him and don’t even own a wii.

DD: Hahahaha, shotouts and shit?

TT: All the S.C. dudes that keep blading hard no matter what they got going on in their lives. Dodge for always putting in work and taking photos/filming. Adam Killgore and Majette & Tom Hyser.

Tim Taylor

Well there you have it folks, a little more of what makes my dude tick. Now for you viewing pleasure here is a fresh new Tim Taylor Edit. We shot this thing over the span of 4 or 5 days just having a blast doing what we do, hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned, Phil Gripper edit is on deck.


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