Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First check in of 2011

Well, my life has been crazy this past few weeks. I spent Christmas day on a couch throwing up and not hanging out with family, which sucked, but New Years Eve proved to be pretty radical. I can't believe its 2011 last year just went by so fast, here are some cool things on the Internet.

My buds Ian and Michael came thru on their buddy tour and made a pretty solid edit of their tour the two of them made around many parts of the the East, yours truely drops a couple hammers, so be sure to check that out! hahaha

You can read the excerpts from the 30 page essay Kraft wrote HERE on be-mag.

Sideshow Rodeo is now shipping and if you haven't ordered a copy you can do so HERE.

I can't say enough good things about this video. Jamie did a damn good job and its definitely worth your money, so do yourself a favor and buy this video and support an awesome cause, then hopefully they'll pay Jamie to start doing this kind of thing regularly.

And lastly, I got some new ninja tools to help up my photography game:

I've really been itching to take these bad boys out so expect some new pictures etc soon, like this one from Garrett:

Garrett Slobey

Not the best use of my new fisheye, but I'm learning.

On deck we have a profile of Mr. Tim Taylor featuring an interview, photos, edit, the whole 9, I'm thinking that should be up sometime this week so get excited about that.

I also have a brand new Phil Gripper edit which I'm really excited to release. Phil has been shredding so hard for so long and I'm hoping this year people can get a glimpse of how its paid off.

Also, I'm doing a little logo bumper for homie Chad Anthony over at Southern Scum, be sure to keep up with their blog, those dudes are always up to some scummy goodness. And speaking of SoScum, they have a rad competition coming up that myself and several homies are attending and you should do the same check it out:

Stay tuned dudes, blading this weekend!

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