Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Thomas Martin Edit

Thomas and Jon have been stacking clips and annhilating Boone, NC on the regular for the past the couple months. When they came to town a couple weeks ago, they gave me a ridiculous amount of footage to edit, which I love. I think all in all I had about 12 mins of cut footage for Thomas' edit, and another 8 for Jon's, so I was really able to pick from the best of what they had to make a really sick profile.

So, I'm really happy to release this full length profile of the mountain dude, Thomas Martin, I think its definitely some of his best skating to date. Enjoy!

Next on deck is Jon Cooley, and I love this kid's skating. You probably haven't heard of him because he another one of our underground blade weapons that has been slaying for some time now but, in the coming months, I'm trying to change that. So get ready for some awesome content in the weeks/months to come because I have a couple of awesome dudes lined up for some edits.

Anywho, at the rate these dudes are getting footage, I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one more edit of them pop up before 2010 is out, if not more.

On a side note this is the first full HD edit I've made, so I guess this marks my first entry into the HD world...about 3 or 4 years late.

Blading this weekend, gimme a call.

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