Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good Blade Days

A weekend full of blading and it was awesome.

The day started at about 12 or so with spot scouting with Tim until our day was cut short by my car dying on me :(

Luckily, Tucker came to the rescue, chilled with me until the tow truck arrived and drove me up to Fire Lake skatepark to skate with homies Juan and Nick. We had a really good session and I managed to grab a couple flicks of the homies:

Tucker stalled the top of the banana with this crazy switch fishbrain:
Tucker Freeland

And Nick laced this really clean hippie clench:
Nick Pecararo

We stopped skating around 10 and headed back home for some much needed rest.
Sunday panned out pretty much the same way with a lot of park skating and then a slice and brew to end out the night.

Also, about a week ago, Adam, Nick and I all went out and had a sick early morning session and got a couple of cool flicks:

Nick laced this Tru Mizou on a larger part of this awesome curve ledge with pink water:
Nick Bates

I got a couple product shots of Adam and his fresh new Valos:

All in all, it has been an awesome weekend and I'm exhausted from all the skating, but I love that feeling and I can't wait to do it again next weekend.

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