Monday, April 12, 2010

Blade Days

Man, what a fun weekend, full of blading and hanging with the lady.

On Saturday myself and the lady went and shredded some park for a couple hours until we met up with homie Jeff Gonzalez. After a few spots fell thru, we found ourselves at this drop rail and copped this royale flick:
Jeff Gonzalez

And this chick showed up :)
Lauren Hightower
And that pretty much concluded Saturday.

Sunday, on the other hand, was an 8 hour blade day and I had so much fun all day. I did more skating than I've done in a really long time and it felt great. The best spot of the day was definitely this perfect bank to ledge we found a while back that we just failed to skate for some reason:

The dude bros chillin' at the spot:

Tucker laced a pretty clean topsoul even with that broken wrist:
Tucker Freeland

And Jeff laced this really clean Top Mistrial, my man has the swagger:
Jeff Gonzalez

And after all that was said and done, Johnny Ray, Adam Mcmanus and I all had a late night shred session at a really sweet/chill ledge spot and I got this flick of Johnny Ray lacing as per usual:
Johnny Ray
Nothing crazy, but alot of fun...and that basically concluded my weekend!

We kicked around the idea of a late night session edit there with the three of us (and possibly Tim), so that may or may not pop up sometime.

The online video is more organized than it has been in the past and is all together on a timeline and should be done as soon as I have some spare time so as always, stay tuned.

I might not update next weekend because I'm going out of town with the lady for a few days, but I might also get done with the online edit this week too so....LOOK OUT NOW!

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