Monday, April 19, 2010

135: Adventures in Distant Lands

Wow, the past week has just been so crazy so I won't waste time with an introduction and just get rightt into it.

At some point in the beginning of the week, maybe like the 13th, when I got off work I met with my lady and our friend/bad ass photographer Ryan Crawford at his place for brews and to check out his projector/50 million slides his grandmother had just given him.

It originally started as a us just tracing the outlines of these slides and having some drunken fun but slowly turned into us sperlunking into his junk room with masses of electronics and God knows whatelse. Having that said, I'd like to introduce a new section to the blog called Shit I've found in Ryan's house:

After we had our fun there we went about our ways and got ready for the week to come.

On Thursday Ollie and Jeremy organized an impromptu blade session at the new Hendersonville Park and rolling about 10 it was a really awesome time and I highly reccommend taking the trip.
Check out the jams:
Homie Jams:

Tucker boosted this pretty sweet fakie 3:
Tucker Freeland

Romar with the patented Unity steez:
Rory Marett

Dustin Hinson with the airs:
Dustin Hinson

And Thomas laced this pretty awesome Vertical Top Soul Stall:
Thomas Martin

The following Friday, I took my girlfriend down to Charleston to give her a certain circular object (not phallic) and to just chill out and spend some time together, we stayed at the Not so Hostel on Spring Street and I have to say that place was cheap and awesome. If you're ever in Chucktown and need a place to crash, check that place out, its dirt cheap, and ridiculously awesome.

And after a chill session with the homies at the Spartanburg park yesterday, that about wrapped up my weekend. So now back to the crazy work reality until next week.

Blading next weekend!

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