Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Fav Flicks from 09

So I've been ridiculously busy these past couple weeks, in fact today was the first day I actually sat down with Adam's Day in the Life jam, its very close to being done, it just needs a little more music and some color adjusting.

And because of my lack of updates, I decided to compile a post of my favorite photos from the past year.

Dustin Hinson - Makio Stall

Dustin Hinson - Truespin Mizou

Smiley - AOTP

Lane Shilling - 540

Jeremy Lister

Thomas Martin

Tim Taylor RB Solo Estilo Impact Test

Smiley - BS Royale

Smiley - Fishy

Greg Freeman

Nick Bates

Joey Adams

Adam Mcmanus

Adam Mcmanus

And Finally one of my favs yet:
Smiley - TTS

And that's all for now. I really want to crank out Mcmanus' Day in the Life Jam this week, but with this logo Design I'm working on, I just may not have time. So keep your fingers crossed and come blade this Sunday, Morgan Reed, the unicorn himself, is coming to blade this Sunday and we will be shredding parks across ATL so come join in on the festivities!


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