Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A visit from the Jersey Dudes

Hello there internets its that time again for your SC rolling updates.

This weekend, we got a suprise visit from the Jersey dudes (Erik Stokley, Chris Dafick, and friend Greg). It was a fun weekend filled with beers, blades and crazy stories about pumpkins...

I managed to shoot a couple photos from the excursion so, view on.

The Jersey dudes, minus Mr. Stokley:
Jersey Dudes

Chris managed to boost off this obstacle with no regard for gravity:
Chris Dafick

And the day before their arrival, Adam copped this flick in his fresh new Bailey's...watercolors:
Adam Mcmanus

Oh and my lady is quite fine:)
Lauren Hightower

That was about all the capturing I did this weekend but it was a fun sesh and brews were had by all...a little bit more so by myself, but good times none the less!

I just recently landed some very crucial freelance that will have me working 13 hour days so updates will for sure be scarce, at least for the next week. But I have been chipping away at the online jam and will have it up soon.

I'm off to ATL for Band of Horses and The Avett Brothers so if you're in town and want to drink New Year's Eve give me a call.

Later dudes!

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VioletRayne said...

Awesome blog :) Happy new year!