Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To the Toast!

Sorry it took so long to post this week, I just hate coming back with no visuals for you dudez on teh netz, and as it rained all week last week, there isn't any new hotness to show you so, check these old jams that you've never seen.
Tyler Wade
Jeremy Lister

And of course, the thriller himself, Phil Jeezy Fresh:
Phillip Gripper

As stated above, I hate coming back with no visuals, especially without video, I mean you can read anywhere, there are only a few places you actually go for cool video though...right guys? So here's an edit I made a while back for my Mini-Clip Series, that I always knew would take a prolonged hiatus one day. Youtube took it down a while back because they hate Rilo Kiley and rollerblading...or some corporate shit like that. I've two other Mini Clip profiles and two which featuring Jeff Gonzales and Tim Taylor are still available on Youtube. Anywho, I re-uploaded Johnny Ray's Mini-Clip Section on Vimeo because its awesome and I like to stick it to the man when I get chances. So be sure to look at this, even if you've already seent it:

On a cool note, Mr. Morgan Reed sent me a bunch of awesome new footage for an edit so expect a Morgan Reed Round 2 edit, the stuff he sent me is basically visual fire.

In other news, make sure you pick up a copy of the new ONE Mag because they are being kind enough to review SOMO. Hopefully they enjoyed what they saw and don't completely hate the video, but then again, Smiley is in it,and he's pretty old...and fat so you never know. (haha i got you you fat bastard!)

And in finality....
I've sold/given out 40 videos thus far and no one has bothered to do a review. So either it sucked really bad or it blew your face off and your dead, either way, I want a damn review. Good/bad/whatever, if you hated it, tell me, if you semi-liked it, I'd also like to know, and if you're dead, get your friend or sibling to forge a review. haha I'm just kidding, its not that big of a deal, I'm just interested to hear peoples thoughts on the final outcome, so pretty please, with sugar on top, do the fucking review.

Blading this weekend, holler.

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