Monday, September 14, 2009

Jam Box

I've been so busy lately with all the freelance work I've been doing that I decided to take a break and put together some visuals for you internets.

Nick Bates and I have been skating alot more than I'm used to and I'm really juiced on it, Nick is a solid/steezy blader that has uped his confidence in the past year or so and has really become a local to watch, so be on the look out for some hot fire from Nick, here's one we shot this past Saturday:
Nicky B
I really love shooting pictures of Tim, he always makes the best faces! haha But back when we had the first premiere in Columbia for Smiley right before he moved to CO, Tim and I got this flick, so its a little dated but I really like it:
Timmy T
And also, as I don't like to welch, here's Adam Mcmanus' new Park Edit:

Adam McManimailius Park Edit from David on Vimeo.

DL (28mb)

Adam has been super busy traveling and shooting with Kenny Owens for the super steezy Say Word 4 video so we haven't had alot of chances to skate lately but my man has been on the grind and I'm pretty sure you'll see some really sick stuff of him pop up when Kevin Dowling's Footage Tape Drops.

Anywho, that's about it, I've got some pretty crucial freelance/favors to finish up this week so I'll be extremely busy, but stay tuned, because you never know what may pop up!

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