Friday, August 28, 2009

102: Busy Muldoon

Oh Internets, I'm so busy. Between the projects at work and home I simply have had no time during the week for anything but making shit...and playing Zelda: Link to the past...I found an emulator for the old snes game I've been playing the hell out of this thing between projects.

Buuut, the weekends are reserved for hanging out and skating, and this past one was a pretty decent one with some old and new faces rolling together. Long time bud Nick Bates showed up and threw down like usual. Nick has been getting so good the past few months, its awesome getting to see this dude blade on a regular basis and, here's a pic of him doing a Tru Savvanah or Unity or whatever you kids call it, an extremely high rail (catch the clip in SOMO):
Nicky B
Anywho, SOMO Pre-orders have shipped and now its available for order for those of you that haven't gotten one.

Also, if you did receive one, send me a picture of you with it, or a review, or a "hey that sucked", or whatever, I'm always down for feedback even if it isn't necessarily good.

Well that's all for this week, I'm smelling an Adam Mcmanus Park edit coming along and a Dustin Hinson Street stay tuned!

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