Sunday, July 12, 2009

Massive Picture Post

First things first though, SOMO should be available for pre-ordering in the next week, I'm getting all the elements together and will be ready to start selling very very soon! So Stay tuned!

Alright, a couple posts back I made the comment about how I needed to post a bunch of pictures, well as promised, here you go!

Old 35mm Jams:

And I didn't shoot these but I found them in some Old Family Photo Box and love the way they look so I adjusted the Levels a bit (they were extremely over exposed) and just brought them to you. I really dig vintage photos like these, feel free to posts links to some of your favorites too.

The Boone Trip: (photos taken by Kevin Dowling)

Random shots:

And last but definitely not least:

I honestly couldn't believe I still had this picture and just stumbled on it in an old album today.
For those of you who don't know, in this picture you have Johnny Ray interviewing Phil Nguyen. Phil was a suuuper ill shredder that passed away about 2 years ago in a drowning accident.
This picture was taken years before at the very first Greenville comp I held here and I have to say it choked me up a little to see this. Phil was just such a great, extremely funny, dude and is missed by so many...

SOMO is def on the way, so stay tuned.
Blading this weekend for sure.
And stay up my dudes, its a crazy world out there.

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SMB tech geeks said...

I love your collage, so many pictures & all so AWESOME! I particularly enjoyed the flaming-pants shots ;0)