Thursday, June 18, 2009

Schump Schmate

Well I spent all last night sifting through footage to put together this Jon Fromm section and its coming along nicely. I'm going to finish up editing that tonight hopefully finally get started on this animated intros.

I'm very excited about starting these bad boys, I have a ton of ideas I've been dying to implement. And I've also really been itchin' to do some limitless motion work. I really enjoy my job but the monotony and consistency of broadcast work can really get tiring at times so it'll be nice to have complete creative control over a project again.

On breaks and downtime I've been trying to organize the content of my "Everything" project and its proving to be quite the challenge. There are so many elements that need to be gathered, and a couple that need to be finished that at times it seems like a bit of an endless loop. But, I'm still moving forward and working on it every chance I get.

That's really all for now though, stay tuned.

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