Monday, March 30, 2009

Territorial Blades

Alright so I spent another 3-4 hours with my friend Tyler trying to get the computer to work and still no dice. So I'm going to have the graphics card tested tomorrow to see if that is the problem and if it turns out it is, my computer problems are over! But judging by how things have gone, the glass is seeming a half empty.

This weekend was really awesome for skating though. Saturday rained all day so we went up to Extreme Days, our rainy day spot and did some blading. Adam and I finished filming for his next web edit and I got a bunch of really awesome clips of David Mefford and Joey Adams, two rising stars here in SC.

On Sunday, Jeremy Lister and I met up with Nick Bates and did some skating in his neck of the woods. He took us to these hidden industrial spots where we found this behemoth-like metal structure:

Nick Bates

I was really excited about that picture and we got the video to go along with it.

About the time we were heading to the next spot, we met up with Joey, David, and Michael and got the session going the right way. This spot was a basically perfect 12 stair rail that these gentlemen destroyed. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics to show but I got some amazing video to pass along when things are up and running.

You know how one of you're friends tells you they don't know what trick to do, so you jokingly suggest some outlandish trick with an incredibly long name like full cab truespin negative topside mistrial? Well you can't joke around with David like that...and I'll just leave that spot with that story.

The last spot we skated was this awesome school both Nick and I had always known about but never took the time to explore. Going here was the best idea and a great session ender, perfect ledges, perfect kink rails, stunts, piddly blade had litterally something for everyone. I think I got footage of just about everyone skating there and Joey and I got this pretty sweet fishbrain pic:
Joey Adams
But he almost died trying it:
So it was a really fun weekend and I'm hoping I have some appropriate funding so I can get the computer fixed soon, because I'm really starting to worry about editing and such.

Blading and beers next weekend, gimme a call.

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