Monday, March 16, 2009

Rainy Weekends

I swear, it has rained almost every weekend of 09. And despite the fact that it keeps us indoors and stops us from shooting alot, we do get to skate alot of park and have alot of fun.

This past weekend was just that. After a short session at No Name Skatepark we went to the only covered spot we have in Greenville just to finish the day out...or so we thought.
Smiley Laced this really clean Top Torq Soul:
Smiley - Top Torq Soul
And after a good 30 to 45 minutes of kicking around Smiley decides to throwdown this crazy TTS on a wire...that has a drop...and is belly button high:
Smiley - TTS

And Adam actually landed this trick a while back for his section in The Dirty Show but I thought it would make a cool shot
Adam Mcmanus - Fishbrain

On Sunday, I met up with Jeremy Lister and Dustin Hinson to skate Ximeno Skatepark. It was a sick session and after a short food break we all came back to get a couple flicks of my dood Dustin:
Dustin Hinson - Makio Stall

Dustin Hinson - Truespin Mizou

Dustin Hinson - Super Vert to Soul
This was pretty much the end of the day and another rainy, but fun weekend.

Got an email saying the motherboard has been shipped, so it should be back this week...hopefully it works this time.

Be there. Philly G from Charlotte is going to set up some spots to skate and its going to be a good time, tell your friends and if you need info go to this be-mag post !!!HERE!!!

Everyone is meeting up at noon, and I'll be sure to post changes as they come along, but everything seems to be pretty solid.

But don't miss it, its going to be sooo fun!
See you there!

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jamie olmstead said...

hell yea dude. sweet pics. i dont think i have ever met dustin but i need to get some footy of that kid!