Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charlotte Days

So its about 1 in the afternoon and we're all waiting on Adam (as usual :) at a Subway in Gaffney when we get a call talking about going to Charlotte. At first I don't think anyone was really into the idea, but as soon as Adam and Duncan got there, they wooed us with there Charm and we were off.

This trip turned out to be amazing and quite possibly one of the best ideas we've had all month. Kenny and crew had a ton of really fun spots already picked out, so the sessions were fun and productive all day long, not to mention I 450 royaled a log out of a makeshift bank...well sort of. haha

Muh Dudes

The last spot of the day was this infamous pool in Charlotte that I'm sure you've seen in some of Kenny's Say Word videos. So many amazing tricks happened at this spot, it made for great footage and one decent picture of my buddy Nick.

Nick Bates - Wallride to Fakie

So after we were done here, we all parted ways and headed back home.

That night, however, Nick stayed and helped me move out of my apartment, and we somehow managed to tie my gigantic couch to my tiny car and got it to a friends house...true southern ingenuity:Also, make sure you do not miss the Carolina Mega Session on March 21st, CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. This should be pretty awesome so do not miss it and tell all your friends.

Oh and I almost forgot, Mcmanus Mistrial Park Pic check it out!
Adam Mcmanus - Mistrial
See you dudes on the blades!

And one More thing, check out this sweet edit of Riley and Adam a loooong time ago:

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