Thursday, February 19, 2009

MoBoard and Such

Sooo....the motherboard is in hand and Oohhh so close to being back in my computer. My computer connect Tyler Wade, has been struck with the flu though so the computer being put back together is on hold until he recovers...get better soon man!!

I decided on the final Cover Design for the Promo DVD and here it is:
Somo Promo Final

I made some minor adjustments and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. I was sort of worried about the cover art for SOMO but this design has definitely given me a relevant and steady direction to head in and you'll probably see something similar for the cover.

Also, I'm posting this edit my friend Johnny Ray made a while back because its amazing and its always fun to have something to look at.

So there is supposed to be alot of skating this weekend which is always exciting. So stay tuned for the updates and what not...ness. holler.

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