Monday, February 23, 2009

Blader Bootin' - 50th Post!!!

So the Motherboard they sent me is in my computer!!! But it still doesn't work, according to a local computer place here, they sent me a motherboard that was dead...things just don't want to work with my computer! Soooo I'm hopefully sending if off tomorrow for another 5 days and really hoping they get it right this time. Such a let down :(

In other news, this weekend was really awesome. On Saturday, Tim Taylor, Jeremy Lister, and Mr. Justin Oliver (Ollie), skated for just about as long as you probably work during the week and found alot of new spots and came thru with some really awesome footage. Also, I snapped this pretty sweet flick of my good bud Mister Lister:
Jeremy Lister

And on Sunday, we were rolling 12 deep with the likes of Phil Gripper, Adam Roberts, Adam Mcmanus and Kenny Owens, who by the way is filming for Say Word 4. We skated some really janky spots but, it made for really awesome video and a great time. Amidst all the craziness, I managed to shoot this photo of Thomas doing a wallride, with absolutely no room to spare:
Thomas Martin
I wish I could share some more of what happened this weekend but I don't feel like explaining it will do it any justice without something to look at along with it. So I'll just end on the wallride note.

We are sessioning in Columbia next weekend, so call, and come blade.


Anonymous said...

you guys should go to the Lexington skate park
its really not much and im the only inliner there but its still a fun place to fool around
what day are you guys coming?

smiley said...

dude you should come out this weekend to cola. i've been to that park and it would be fun if no one at all was there . do i know you if so who are you haha

Anonymous said...

my names josh

and i dont think you know me