Monday, April 1, 2013

Pseudo News

We've been doing some work here lately so I'm gonna take it back old school and post a couple of screen shots from some video we've shot:

Everybody has really been throwing down and stacking footage for the retry of Gooder than Hell a.k.a. No Lobos a.k.a. SOMO 15. Not to call anyone out, but I'm pretty sure Garrett and Thomas are tied for the lead with Nate and Nick tied for second and Adam is dribbling in at last with only two clips and 15 tags at Dudley's, come on Mcmanus, get it together.

Come to think of it, I don't really know what I've announced that I'm trying to shoot for this new video I won't, because when you announce videos, blade time...also because its kind of a surprise.

Now, if I were shooting for a new video, it'd probably be called Gooder Than Hell and its probably going to feature really dope dudes like Thomas Martin, Nate Macgregor, Nick Bates, Phil Gripper, Mike Torres, Adam Mcmanus and a bunch of other radical humans...hypothetically of course. Luckily, since about only 4 people ever read this blog,  the secret is pretty safe buried in this wall of text...hypothetically.

In other news, I hear there is a mega session a brewing in Raleigh on the 19th-20th of April in the year 2013 so be sure to show up for that, a lot of people are slated to show up. If you have any more questions, head over to the Oak City Inline skateshop facebook for more info...and buy some wheels or something while your at it and support a dope local skate shop.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on OSO boots, Phil Gripper and Brett Coppedge of Charlotte, NC have started a new rollerblading boot company and I am definitely very excited to see the final product these guys come up with, from everything I've heard from those two, things are shaping up to be pretty damn awesome, so be sure to keep a lookout for that.

Boom, content, stay tuned.

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