Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quick Edit 15 and Junk

Man, what a wild couple of weeks its been. So firstly, I made it out to my first, and the world's final,  BCSD and it was very awesome. I saw a ton of old homies and met a bunch of new ones, not to mention we (Thomas Martin and myself) got to scope out downtown Detroit which, despite the stigma, was incredibly inspiring.

The week since the BCSD trip, I've pretty much been recovering and trying to catch up with normal life. I've been sick for the past couple days and I'm going stir crazy so I imagine this write up sounds a bit scrambled, but like I've said, I've been on the couch with nothing to do but drink water and watch law & order, so I'm going a little insane.

Oh also, I found time to finish this little quick edit I've been working on:

That's all for now but hopefully I'll be skating again this week and getting back into the swing of things.

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