Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Colorado Road Trip 2012

So, I've made it home alive from a trip that I've wanted to take for damn near a decade, the Colorado Road Trip.

A lot about this trip brought blading back to its roots for me. I traveled to new towns, met up with new amazing people, that trusted my company for no other reason than I rollerbladed. The older you get, the less of that trust you find and I have to admit, it put a smile on my face.

There were some incredible people that have done some amazing, and wild, things in their life and are continuing to do them now, and it was quite the treat to meet/see them. The entire crew was both entertaining and welcoming and it really made the trip. Don't get me wrong, everyone of the 7 parks we went to were amazing, but what made the trip was the people. Unbeknownst to me, Denver houses some of the wildest characters you'll ever meet. So no matter what age and or skill level you find yourself at, you need to make this trip, because everyone can get down with what these guys have to offer.

Here are a couple shots I took whilst there:

Definitley be sure to show up for the Starnes' third annual A Town Stomp. They've raised $3,000 for prizes, some of which is being invested into the after party, and from what they've told me, there is a little bit of something for everybody, so make sure you show up!

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