Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Blade Book Vol. 2 is ready!

Well, after 2 years of photos and roughly 6 months of development, The Blade Book Vol. 2 is finished.

The total length of the book is 120 pages (40 more than Vol. 1.) Everything within the book is original, from the photos to the design, right down to the ink drops, I tailored everything specifically for this book.

The total cost of the book is $65 plus shipping ($8.) I do realize that is a very sizeable chunk of change and virtually no one is going to buy it so I also made an eBook version selling for $5.99 for those who want to support the cause but don't want to go broke doing so and that can be purchased here:

Also, if you missed out on buying Vol. 1 because you didn't want to spend $40 on a book, which I totally understand, I also released a very cheap version of it in eBook format which can be purchased HERE.

Lastly, there is a comp here in town this Saturday (the 14th) 1:00pm at the Skatepark of Greenville, and it'd be awesome if you showed up. Registration is $20, plus $10 for best trick, BBQ, Burgers, and Hot Dogs will be provided. So hopefully we'll see you there.

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