Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nick Bates Summer 2012 Profile

I have to admit, much of the south, myself included, has definitely slept on this guy. Nick and I have been skating/living here for the past 8 years ans somehow we have not once managed to crank a steady flow of edits out...we've always talked about it but for whatever reason, it just never came to fruition, until now.

Nick's skating is fast, tech, and very well thought out not to mention very stylish...also, Nick is what I like to call a 'smart blader.' Smart blading is a simple term I made up for those who skate that actually pay attention to what is happening to their bodies when they skate but don't let it affect the quality of their skating (see Tim Taylor). You won't find Nick hucking himself down your neighborhood's biggest gap, or getting broke off on your biggest rail, but you will see him skating obstacles in ways you aren't expecting and surprising you around every corner. Nick's perspective on rollerblading has evolved beyond the 'chucker' mentality and has been that way since I've met him.

So without any further introduction, here is the long overdue, Nick Bates edit, and hopefully the first of many to come.

Nick Bates 2012 Summer Profile from David on Vimeo.

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