Friday, February 3, 2012

2nd Annual Nashville Trip/TCTBO Comp

Man its been a while since the last update but here goes.

So Thursday, the 26th, Garrett and I packed our bags and set out for Nashville after work. The ride down was shitty and rainy and full of awesome music, as it always is. Luckily, though, we arrived early enough to catch up with Nashville resident Eric Boner for a couple brews a quick late night drunk session.

After our fun was had at this amazing ledge spot, we headed back to the Slobey residence for some late night grub and rest.

Friday began in a traditional Slobey fashion which, for those of you who don't know, involves a fantastic home cooked meal, and then it was off to Asphalt Beach to catch up and meet up with the locals.

After watching a skate video or two, we headed out with locals Zach Leavall and this kid with no other name than 'Box'. Slobey started off the session with this exceptionally wild Roof to Topsoul:

Garrett Slobey

From that point on we just skated what we saw and handled business on the streets of Nashville. The night ended as most of our nights in Asheville do, kicking it with a bunch of homies and consuming way to much alcohol...good times.

The next morning, we were treated to another Slobey breakfast and then promptly headed out to Asphalt Beach to meet up with everyone again, and I do mean everyone, I think at one point we were rolling about 20-25 deep maybe? was awesome.

Troy Sanders

The first spot was one that Garrett had been telling me about for ages called Legislative Plaza. It's full of beautiful large architecture, a plethora of skate spots and occupiers galore, it was quite the sight and proved to be quite the spot.

Upon arrival, Garrett wasted no time handling this rather long/steep handrail skating no slower than Mach 5.

Garrett Slobey

After a few more hammers there, everyone headed out to this next really awesome ledge/bank spot.

Phil Gripper
Montre Livingston

Carson Starnes

Later on that night, we linked up with Adam Ehalt and Troy Sanders, to once again go back to the Slobey homestead for showers and food before we did continued our annual tradition of going out to Nashville proved to be another awesome, hilarious time in downtown Nashville.

Right before the bar though, Ehalt, Troy and I did some buzzed blading and Troy got these two awesome pictures:

Troy Sanders

Troy Sanders

Luckily, this year I didn't go too overboard drinking the night before so I was able to skate in the TCTBO comp this year. Little did I know, 25 constitutes being an old man, which was awesome because I got to enter Old Man and place 3rd, I was pretty excited about it and had a blast, suck it Slobey.
Check out this sweet edit Hawke Trackler made:

After the standings were announced, Ehalt and Troy split ways and we made our way back to Greenville.

About an hour and a half away from home, Garrett and I make a pitstop and when we get back into the car, the engine starts knocking...fml. Luckily, homie Dustin Hinson came to the rescue and got us back home.

If you don't feel like watching a full 20 minute edit of my escapades, here's much shorter version of just some of the skating that went on, minus the comp:

If you want to watch Garrett and I rock all the way down to Nashville, watch this lengthened version:

And then Troy paid $20 to hear a band play the Rumble...and that was about it.

Here in the near future I plan on start releasing a bunch of edits to get all this old footage off my computer. Mostly I want to release this Garrett Slobey edit because I have a lot of really awesome footage of the old guy and can't wait to show you guys what he's been up to. But anywho, stay tuned.

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