Sunday, December 25, 2011

205: NC Adventures/Merry Christmas Post

So as it turns out, I had a ton of time to take off work so with all those days, I decided to make my way up to Boone, NC to help Rory Marrett celebrate his recent graduation.

On my way up there, I stopped in Hickory, NC and kicked it with homie Joe Matty and headed up to Greensboro to skate the old 915 park, Joe managed to lace this pretty cool vertical soul stall, note the lace face:


Later that night we stopped by at the infamous Wizard saloon had a couple beers, and wound up at a weird late night bar I can't remember and learned all about hot wings and a cultural dance phenomenon called 'the cat daddy' absolutely fascinating.

The next day, NC homies came up and skated, got some footage, had a good time and NC native Chris Zachary put together this cool little edit of everyone shredding:

After that, I headed up to Boone to meet the homies and proceded to have an awesome evening.

For the remainder of the weekend, we explored this abandoned high school we found, this place was incredible.

The building itself looks like it was fully functioning one day and the next day everyone dropped what they were doing and just left, zombie apocalypse style, its wild...and very eerie.

Every window is broke, every door is kicked open, spray paint is everywhere literally everything that is breakable in that high school that isn't important to its structure, is either broken, or spray painted, kids somewhere just completely ravaged this thing.

Thomas Martin

Here are a couple sub par pics I shot at a ledge...or table inside of the school:


Jon Cooley

And here are a couple shots of Thomas and Cooley skating the exterior:

Jon Cooley

Thomas Martin

And to give a little more insight how amazing this place was, we spent the entire weekend filming and made this edit:

After another awesome trip to Boone, I headed back to SC and got ready for the Christmas week to come.

After my short work week, this past Friday, I drove with Slobey up to Nashville, TN to kick it with his fam for a day and do a little skating, after some good shredding with locals Chad and Taylor, we turned in for the evening and got ready for family times.

Anywho, enjoy the edit, Merry Christmas and I'll see you doods for some beers this coming weekend.


iannnnn said...

Wow epic sessions were had. I even spotted some Dodge clips in the first edit 8)

ddodge04 said...

haha yeah man, they are few and far between but they are out there.