Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally, an update

Well, the past month or so has been really crazy. I've had a lot of work on the side and a lot of people staying at my house mostly to go skating. Footage has been abundant but pictures have not...until this weekend anyways.

Phil Gripper and Stefan Brandow have been in town a lot skating and its been very productive and a lot of fun. This past weekend we really handled business and got a lot of really cool rollerblading stuff done. Here are a couple pics:

Stefan Brandow Laced this pretty large gap first trick of the day first try:

Stefan Brandow

Garrett Slobey came out and destroyed this ledge:

Garret Slobey

And also destroyed his shin attempted to land the above AO Topsoul:

Stefan also jumped into this pretty wild bank towards the end of the day:

Stefan Brandow

And this guy was caught helping Stefan shoot:

Then at the last spot, Phil landed this deadly royale, we got back to the house, realized it was too dark so we got up early the next day and reshot it was pretty much the first trick of the day after a long night of hanging out:

Phillip Gripper

All in all its been a pretty radical past month and I'm still very busy with other projects but the ball is still rolling and there should be a lot more coming in the future. So stay tuned.

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