Friday, November 18, 2011

Boone Trip 02 Part I

So after work on Thursday Garrett and I headed down to Boone, NC to go kick it with the spolf twasting Boonenites.

Upon arrival and a couple beers, we headed out to go see a Dr. Dog show, needless to say it was awesome.

Later that night we headed back to Thomas' new mountain house and continued the party, chilled in the hot tub for a bit, threw knives at peoples faces and then called it a night.

The next morning we didn't have any real plans other than to just kick it, but low and behold we wound up going to an amazing spot and getting some really awesome photos:

This picture doesn't do the difficulty of this trick justice, but I was pretty juiced on the outcome:

Thomas Martin

And Cooley laced these pretty crazy tricks as well:

Jon Cooley

Jon Cooley

The night ended with grilled deliciousness, and hot tub times...well I say ended but its only 9 and you never know with the Boone folk.

Tomorrow we're headed out to a contest in Wilkesboro details here so hopefully we see you guys out that way.

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