Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stomp Swamp

Before we get started check out some of this hilarity:

It's been a crazy couple weeks and there hasn't been a lot of filming or skating for that matter but I did get to attend the Starnes' A Town Stomp and that was a blast like Atlanta Always is:

And I managed to get this picture of Arsenio lacing a disaster BS Royale in Atlanta:

Arsenio Patterson

Arsenio killed it all day and brought home second that was pretty awesome. Also, Nick Bates got taken out early due to a pretty nasty spill and came home with the Nancy Kerrigan Award...hahaha good job buddy.

Also here's a pretty sweet flick of Joey I shot the other day:
Joey Adams

That's all for now, I have been working on designs and organizing everything for the new video, its coming slow but its coming along. Stay tuned I think there should be an edit coming along the way soon.

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