Tuesday, January 18, 2011

180: Honkytokin' and Secret Weapons

This past weekend myself and a couple homies attended Chad Anthony's Too cold to Blade Outside Comp in Nashville. It was a pretty radical weekend, unfortunately, there wasn't much filming happening because I did more skating than anything.

The one thing I did want to spotlight in Nashville was Asphalt Beach Skate Shop.

I'm really big into local blade scenes and even bigger into local blade shops and Asphalt Beach was nothing short of awesome. Upon arriving, we were greeted by a slew of Hot Rails and boxes sitting out front of the shop but inside is where it gets even better.

There are so few shops nowadays that don't rely on the sales of skateboards to supplement their income but Asphalt Beach is one of those few places, which I love. The place is wall to wall rollerblading, from rollerderby to the new Nimh video, this shop bleeds rollerblading.

The owner of the place, whose name escapes me right now, is actually a speed skater and a really cool dude. When we got there he was actually out skating but upon arrival greeted Garret with a big hug and rapped about skating for a minute, which I thought was awesome. We got a couple clips skating the box there and I'll post those next time but for now, here is a sweet picture of Seth Tru Mistrialing one of the perfect boxes there:

Seth Chandler

One of the things I did manage to get a picture of was one legendary Jordan Dale straight jumping off this really high roof before he got kicked out...cape, hairdo and all, it was definitely something to see:

Jordan Dale

Crowd Reaction
Post Dale Drop

All in all, despite one nasty hangover that kept me asleep in the car for pretty much all of the
comp, Nashville was awesome, can't wait to go back.

But wait...there's more!

Phillip 'The Thriller' Gripper is the name and shredding is this man's business. Phil is that breed of rollerblader that laces hammers...usually for breakfast but mostly during the day and first try. If you haven't heard of Phil Gripper, you aren't doing your homework because this guy isn't on the up and up...he's pretty much been at the top of his game as far back as I can remember. So ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to give you the first, of many to come Phil Gripper edit:

Quick note, I'm pretty sure that its Phil on the drums during the song in this edit.

Phil Gripper Winter 2011 Edit from David on Vimeo.

Adam's Fundraiser event in Greenville this weekend, be sure to make it out, its going to be a wild time. From my understanding, Phil's band, Modern Primitives, will be playing the after show and the mighty Ryan Purcell is supposed to throw down a set to, so do yourself a favor and show up, and make sure you bring a couple extra clams for Mcmanus, that man needs to get in the hospital for sure.

See you doods there.

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