Friday, November 26, 2010

Some recent work I've done lately

I know I've been lacking in the posts lately but its not out of laziness, in fact I've been incredibly busy.

As you may know, Atlanta's superstar duo that is Footage Tape are putting together quite the extravaganza for the blade world on December 4th.

Firstly, for the past couple months, Jamie Olmstead has been steady hustling the new Be-mag project called 'Sideshow Rodeo' and from the looks of the trailer/things I've heard/things I've seen it looks quote Kevin Dowling:

"'s one of the best rollerblading videos I've ever seeen, its got everything."

Sideshow Rodeo - Trailer from Sideshow Rodeo on Vimeo.

I did the end neon sign end tag for the Trailer and this Print Ad:

Sideshow Rodeo

This video will be premiering after Kevin Dowling's Hohohoes 2010...speaking of the Hohohoes, I designed some text for this flyer for the after party, which is going to be awesome, and I designed this poster that may or may not get used:

Hohohoes Poster

I have a lot of freelance work, outside the blade game, that I'm currently working on right now so things will still be a bit slow.

But I have a couple really awesome edits in line so be on the lookout for those.
See you doods this weekend!

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