Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Sessions

Well firstly, my new bud Chad Anthony was kind enough to do a little write up about me on his sweet tumblr/blog/radfacesite and you should definitely CHECK IT OUT, the dude had some nice things to say about me, and I love when I get a little limelight! haha

I am about to be so busy that I really want to post these up so they don't just sit on my computer forever.

These are from a late night session with homies Nate Macgregor, Nick Bates, and Tucker Freeland:

Tucker Freeland

Nick Bates

Nate Macgregor

Then another random Sunday night we went to have a chill session and Garrett spotted this drop rail and laced a lot of tricks.

Garrett Slobey

I posted all of the pics I shot of Garrett for his Southern Scum interview on my flickr as well. If you haven't read that yet I suggest you do.

Of those pics I thought this one looked pretty good in B&W:

Garrett Slobey 2

That about sums everything up, I'm super close to finishing up this new Cooley edit and I hope to have it done this evening and online tomorrow...time permitting. After I finish Cooley's edit up, I have a couple of treats in store for you guys...I'll just need to find time to finish them, but either way stay tuned.

OH, this weekend only, Skatepark of Spartanburg is having a blade contest with $500 prize. From what I hear there are a grip of sponsors/energy drinks/and swag so make sure you make it out to that so we can have the first blade comp there go off with a bang. More info can be found HERE.

See you there doods!

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