Friday, October 29, 2010

The Firelake Post

Successful weekend was successful. To start it off, Garrett and I got up early to shoot some photos for an interview he's doing. We managed to get a couple gnarly flicks before Garrett had to head off to work and start fixing up a bike to race. Later on that day, myself and a couple of duders headed up to Firelake Skatepark in Anderson again to have an awesome session, and man we did.

It's always a treat when I get to see my super ninja blader bud Lane Shilling. Lane is a ninja, and I like ninjas so naturally, I like Lane. He's a busy dude so I don't get to shred with him as often as I like, but on this particular day, the stars aligned and I knew I had to document it. Here's a pic of Lane doing a rad Top Mistrial:

Lane Shilling

Also in attendance was my good pal Dustin Hinson all the way from Asheville. Dustin has popped up a couple times on the blog, but not nearly enough. With the two of us living in different cities and on completely different schedules, Dustin is also a dude I don't skate with near enough/film enough and since we were in that situation I felt like I had to capture the moment:

Dustin Hinson

And of course, the sensae himself, Tim Taylor, a man that needs no introduction.
Not that it matters, but this is switch:

Tim Taylor

The cool thing about this Firelake Session is that I, along with everyone else mentioned above, compiled enough clips to make this edit...check it out!

After a long day of blading, I headed out to my friend Oli's house to celebrate his 21st bday, (happy birthday man!) and then headed back home to get some much needed sleep.

The next day, we cooked, we carved, we drank, and we ate. Our first annual, PCP (Pumpkin Carving Party) went off with a bang. It was nothing crazy...well except the Josh Amacher Luchadore sighting...that was admittedly awesome and strange:

Here is the man himself:

And then of course there was the rest of the night at the pumpkin carving party:

What a weekend.

So I have some work coming up for Mr. Olmstead's new project and that is going to keep me pretty busy but, in what little down time I'll have, I've got a Jon Cooley edit up on deck, so get ready for that.

Blading this weekend, holler.

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