Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hammer Blading

This weekend was absolutely wild, not only in terms of skating, but just...well in every way.

The weekend begun on Friday after work at Garrett's. I arrived to Garrett & co plus a couple beers. Mcmanus and the Boonenites arrive late and we stay up even later talking about what the next day holds.

So after a long night with very little sleep we get up and make some breakfast.

Garrett manned the Cappuccinos/Joes:
Garrett Slobey

And Adam and Thomas handled the eggs and bacon:


After a hearty breakfast and a little hanging out, we left for the first spot to meet Mr. Jamie Olmstead. I didn't really document the first spot, because Jamie was filming and I actually really liked skating this spot. But after getting a couple clips and warming up at the first spot, we headed out to do some gnarblading.

Also, on a semi-unrelated topic, one of my best friends/All American Hero, Nate Macgregor got back from Iraq and came out and shredded with us, it was so good to see this dude skating again. He literally hadn't skated in about a year and came back like he never left, it was really awesome to see my dude shred it up again.

Nate Macgregor

This spot was a massive 19-20 stair handrail that appeared to be at a 45° incline and had a huge plastic barrier at the bottom right to the side of the rail. Despite all of these obstructions, Garrett, Thomas and Cooley get to work.

Garrett laced this half cab topsoul:
Garrett Slobey

This isn't the best pic I've ever taken, but Cooley laced all day, and I had to get a flick in here, he actually grabbed the fish all the way down I just shot him as he was beginning to jump off:
Jon Cooley

And Thomas got my fav pic of the weekend with this AO Soul:
Thomas Martin

After this we skated a gnarly kink rail but my camera died, so for the rest of the day, it was all footage....a lot of crazy footage.

After the hammers were laced and the day was out, we headed back home to get food and party.
Here are a couple pics:

The partying was awesome, rowdy, and wild, had a blast and then it was time for sleep.

After a goodnight sleep, breakfast, Emanon, and Volume, we decided to try and beat the rain to get in some last minute blading before Jamie had to leave. So, In the most awesome ninja/business blading session I've ever had, I got a lot of footage, and this really awesome picture of Garrett:
Garret Slobey

After we did everything we needed to do there, it just went off. I spent most of my time filming, so I didn't get any picture of the madness, but there is so much footage.

So the last spot turned out a lot shorter than expected because of the rain, but Thomas and I managed to get this really awesome of pic of him on this rather deadly obstacle:

Thomas Martin

We all parted ways, myself and a couple other locals skated some park, and then I came home to stare at my lady and write up this blog.

All the footage we shot this weekend is going to Jamie for his current project, which should be awesome. You should be able to catch it all when it drops sometime in November.

I'm taking it easy this coming weekend but there will most likely be some chillerblading sessions happening, so gimme a call.

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