Friday, July 30, 2010

Its been a good week for blading

It's been a good week for getting shit done. So, the post before this I announced the completion of The Blade Book Vol. 1, which I'm still really excited about and now I have some more goodies for you internets.

This is an edit of myself and long time homie Thomas Martin skating the Fountain Ledges. Its nothing crazy, just 1 minute of fun with me and the mountain man:

Also, right after SOMO dropped I edited this Day in the Life with Adam Mcmanus. I think originally it was supposed to be for Quinn Feldman's Chosen Few website, but just never wound up coming to fruition. So, here is 11 mins of Adam.

This edit definitely focuses more on the personality more than the skating, but if you're interested to so the dude in everyday life...this is pretty close, minus the post blade brew. Anywho, enjoy!

Blading this weekend for sure, hit me up!

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