Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Late July 4th

Super quick update...GO!

I injured my ribs the other weekend falling on a handrail so I wasn't able to do much skating this weekend. But after a short/fun sesh with Riley and Johnny, we headed out to the Greenville side of town for good times and brews...all were found.

On July 4th, (America wooo!) we got up sort of late from the previous nights festivities and met up downtown with Thomas Martin, and Adam Mcmanus. After a couple beers, Thomas found a spot he wanted to snap a quick flick on, and man did he:

Fresh off beers and Italy, Thomas laced this pretty crazy fishbrain:
Thomas Martin

And Adam was on the lighting crew for me:
Adam Mcmanus

And here's a nice product shot of the Thomas' man blades:
Man Blades

After that we had beer/pool times and ended the night at Mcmanus' with more brews and a late night.

So don't forget, i'll probably repost this a couple times next week but the Shredfest is this Saturday and you have to come out and have a good time:

Shredfest 2010_Updated

See you next weekend duders.


Anonymous said...

nice dude

ddodge04 said...

thanks man