Sunday, June 27, 2010 Update

Well well well internets, long time no pics.

I've been doing alot of skating lately but even more working. Fortuneately for me, the freelance has been coming in pretty steady and I've been able to buy a couple cheeseburgers and drive to skate places with the homies.

One particular day during the week, I caught up with Johnny, Jeremy, and Oli, for some late night shredding, nothing crazy just some kickin around and fun times.

Ladies and Gentlemen two of my favorite people...The Trevors:

The Trevors

Jeremy needs to stop sitting in the middle of the road:
Jeremy Lister

And Oli took us out of the night with this cess slide:
Justin Oliver

Later on in the week, we took a trip to Hendersonville and shredded their awesome park.

I Finally managed to snap a photo friend and steezy Hendersonville Native Juanito!

Joey with a clean 360:

And the shocking Fishbrain:
Joey Adams

My lady shreddin' it up:
Lauren Hightower

Tucker boosted this clean air:
Tucker Freeland

Nick also brought the ninja in training, Arthur, to come show us his skills...look out for this kid:
The Pecararos

And before you ask, yes, those are Arthur's Pro Models:

And my favorite picture of the night was definitely Joey's 180:
Joey Adams

Also a couple weeks back I made it out to the Boots Burgers and Bangers comp, and it was really sick. I got to hang out with a bunch of homies I hadn't seen in a while and also got to meet a lot of cool new ones. I didn't really shoot because I actually skated, but during the afterparty/aftersesh but I managed a couple photos.

After making our traditional Mexican food stop and having a couple beers, Kevin, Walt and I decided we wanedt to go do a little shredding. At this point, Mcmanus was already well on his way beer wise, so as we get to the spot, him and Dunkle decide to go to a bar and wait out the session, no problem.

We immediately get kicked out of the first 2 spots and decide that its time to call it a night and go to Troy's after party. Well as we're about to leave we come to the realization that we have no idea where Mcmanus and Dunkle are. About 30 mins and 10 phone calls later Adam finally calls back and informs us that he and Dunkle had found their shots and were going to sneak into the Neil Young concert, whom apparently was playing right down the street, and that we should just go on our way because he's just going to rock out to Neil Young, awesome.

Here's a pic of Kevin, Walt, and Blake, trying to figure out what the hell is going on:

So we wait around for a minute and discuss whether or not leaving Adam & Dunkle, drunk, downtown ATL trying to sneak into the Neil Young concert is a good idea...what the hell right? Their grown. So we all head back to the car, and literally as we do Adam and Charles walk up and begin to tell us the story of how they almost got to see Neil Young, good times. Here the couple pics I wound up with.

Last but not least, I also got to kick it with super homie Kevin Dowling.
Kevin Dowling

For those of you who don't know, Kevin does a lot of shit in his life. If he's not spending time with his child, cornering the photography game, cranking out footage tape episodes, or blading every single day, he's busy winning contests that are going to promote rollerblading in the illest way.

Kevin recently entered a contest for Olympus that is going to put him in a position to document rollerblading, with some of the best rollerbladers, with a budget that will allow him to do it proper. For more info, visit his blog because he's already got 2 awesome skaters that are in for this thing. So stop by drop him some love and get ready for more awesome rollerblading, because if there is one thing you can count on Kevin for, its putting out legit rollerblading material.

And just a reminder, Shredfest 2010 is July 10th and the sponsors and picking it up fast, so make sure to make it out to this thing, wish Riley a happy birthday and do some shredding.
Shred Fest Flyer
Now, time to go shred!


Tyler Steele said...

Hmm; Never thought I would find a good local rollerblading site like this.

Happened to go by premier video today and saw some old gravity games VHS's and a Inline video so I picked them both up. Guy at the counter and I got to talking about Tucker Freeland and Ximenos and he wrote down this URL for me.

Great site man, I'll be sure to follow. Even a novice like me can't help but die for the sport.

ddodge04 said...

very sick man, glade to here you dig. Are you a greenville native?

Tyler Steele said...

Indeed I am. Sitting in Fountain Inn for the past two years. Not a damn thing to skate around here.

Though I do hit up Ximenos fairly often.

ddodge04 said...

awesome man, well you should definitely come out and skate with us, email me your number and i'll hit you up the next time we go out.

Tyler Steele said...

Alright man, I'm working on getting another job right now since I was making crap money working at Pizza Hut. So had to leave.

As a matter of fact have an interview in a little under two hours, but even though I've been inlining since I was six or seven, I'm still pretty shotty.

I'm past the novice point of where I can drop in on things and gap boxes, tail grabs (sketchy), and sometimes a decent 180 *have never been able to pull off a 360*.

In fact my best trick is a frontflip into the foam pit at Ximenos.

All this is because I've always had to take breaks growing up due to being strapped for cash and I just recently got back into inline this feb.

But I'm trying my ass off. So I'd be more than happy to ride with you guys.


Feel free to call or text any time, but for now I'm out of here to shower, I smell pretty rancid.