Sunday, May 2, 2010

137: The Advantages of the Blade Game

Awesome dudes + brews + blading = one awesome weekend.

My weekend started with arriving at a random house only to be greeted by blade homies getting down with beer...always a strong start to the weekend. I got to speak with Charlotte native Kenneth Owens about his upcoming project Say Word 4 and I'm so very excited about it. Not to give to much away but he's talked of working with a badass blade artist, and is constantly in the company of the mighty James Reetzke...need I say more? Say Word 4 is going to be super legit and I can't wait for it.

On Saturday it was hot and muggy but it didn't stop us from having an ill park session. Check out a couple of the flicks we shot:

Jeremy ListerJustin Oliver

Justin Oliver

And here a couple randos I shot over the past couple weeks.

Sunday ended on a chill note with Asheville homies Nick and Juan at Taco bell. Nothing crazy, just good times and good dudes. We've been threatening a trip to Anderson's Firelake Skatepark so be on the lookout for some pics from that. Also, I've recieved word on some crucial industry work that I'm getting in on that you'll definitely see and I'm very juiced on it muhahaha secrets secrets.

Anywho, blade times next weekend, get ready!

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