Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dome Rocker

Internets, your weekly jams:
T-Mart B&W
Thomas Martin
Tyler Wade with some sweet slow shutter soul grinding action
Tyler Wade

Tim Taylor will be holding seminars on how to professionally execute one footed grinds, with extreme amounts of swagger, please plan on attending.
Tim Taylor
And Tim would also like to welcome you to the gunshow
Welcome To the Gunshow

Also, I had originally intended to create/release a new edit every week, but in light of recent discoveries, I've decided to go in a different direction...let me explain.

Over the past 5 years of my tenure here in Greenville, I have been on numerous amazing blade excursions, most of which I documented digitally with my camera, and have massed somewhere in the neighborhood of 300-400 gigs of awesome adventures with my friends.

Now, I originally planned to release some sort of new/old edit a week because I still have a ton of left over footage from Southern Motion, but, the other night I sat down and started editing a section and before I knew it I had already edited 10 mins of really awesome footage. After I realized just how much work I'd done, I decided to go through all of that footage and see if there were some other gems, and boy were there. There were so many things that I filmed and planned on making edits of that just never happened, but now that I have some time, I plan on making an online video of sorts.

Much like the mighty Vibralux Online Video, I want to release this thing in sections and eventually as a whole. There will definitely be alot of skating old and new, including but not limitied to our Lousiville Trip, ATL day trip, Columba/Charlotte Mega Session, Hickory blade day, etc, but there will also be alot of stupid and funny things in between, because in all honesty, in between the skating, thats how we spent our time. There may be a couple clips you've seen before in older edits but I think for the nostalgic sake, it'll be ok.

So in finality, I'm really excited to finish this and really juiced for everyone to see it.
So stay tuned becasue I imagine the posting of this thing will be quite spontaneous.

Blading this weekend.


Ian Hutcho said...

interesting, what's the landing like for that stair rail?

ddodge04 said...

Ian, it actually lands straight into a huge glass window...the rail itself is perfect but the landing...not so much hahaha.