Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting Things Dun

So, I have got alot of things done over the past weekend and now there are 6 sections done. (Smiley, Montre, Adam, Rain Prelude, Thomas, and Tim) that leaves 5-7 to go (still debating on wether or not I want to include a couple sections.)

Over the past year, Tim Taylor and myself have set out on very planned out solo missions to get footage for his section in SOMO. At the time, I knew everything he was doing, trickwise, was amazing, but I don't think his level of skill actually hit me until just now.

Editing Tim's section was a bit overwelhming, and not so much because of the solid 10 minutes of footage I had to sift through but because of the caliber of skating within. Tim's skating is unique, fast, stylish, creative and demands you're attention. Tim isn't your spin to win blader that will huck himself at the biggest drop, kink, steep rail with sharks at the bottom, his skating is well planned, calculated and interesting to watch and I just can't say enough about it. I really can't wait for this to be done so people can see what I'm talking about.

When making handmade, I, admittedly, made the mistake of waaaaaay over editing Tim's section and it really took away from the skating. So this time, I'm following a simple age old rule K.I.S.S....keep it simple stupid (thanks Eric) and I'm trying to apply that to all the sections.

I'm really excited about the whole thing, Adam's section is raw and has his patented steez all over it, with some tricks you most likely weren't expecting. Smiley's section is just a good feeling super steezed section that gives me hope for skating when I'm 28. Thomas Martin's section is full of hammers and hippie steez, and Montre...well, is Montre.

Anywho, now that I'm done with my weekly SOMO rant, I have also been working on my Everything Book and am now on page 17 or something like that haha, here's a couple of rough draft screen shots.
I changed up the first pages so they are a little more relevant, and have been focusing on implenting alot of textures throughout the book.
This is a talbe of Contents I've been working on (chapters not final and I know Chapter 4 is missing):
Anywho, that's about all for now, I'm staying busy and hoping to have all of the sections edited by the end of this week so I can start with animations next week, until then, skate on! hahaha

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