Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Carolina Mega Session II Columbia INFO!!! APR 25th

Ok. Here is round #2 I hope to see all you doods out here again!

Meeting Place:

Smiley's House/Prail warm-ups
966 Texas St,
Columbia, SC 29201

April 25th

Just like last time we'll warm up for a minute and then head out to the spots.
BYOB at Smiley's after the session too!

Email me if you have any questions ddodge04@gmail.com I'm almost always at my email so I can get back to you with quickness.

Smiley has alot of dope spots picked out so make you sure come out! Bring a friend!

I'll keep you guys updated and if you follow Be-mag at all I keep it updated there too!

Oh, btw, I'm 23 today, recognize.

Blading this weekend!

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