Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Week After...

So the Carolina session was amazing, hammers were dropped all day with very few injuries and we ran into absolutely no trouble mobbing around places with the 30-40 people that were there.

I initially thought that with so many people that we would never be able and we would be getting kicked out of places left and right, but things just went so smoothly and I'm pretty sure everyone had alot of fun for the almost 8 hours we were skating.

I shot alot of video but won't be making an internet edit because I realized how much I still need that footage and my computer is still not working...even with the new motherboard. I'm very sad about all this.

But amidst everything, I did manage to shot this decent photo of Mr. Adam Roberts before he 5'ed out of this Topsoul:
Adam Roberts
Other than that the weekend ended easy with some chill time with the folks and a few beers.

So the word is I guess that the next Carolina's Mega session will be on April 25th in Columbia, so mark you're calendars and tell you're friends, it'll be another really dope session.


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