Monday, March 2, 2009

Blading the Elements

Well my motherboard hasn't been sent off yet, things have just gotten so crazy but hopefully i'll be hitting that up tomorrow. I'm pretty sad that I'm still computerless almost 5 months later :(

This weekend however, was great. I didn't get to do too much filming, on account of the crazy/unusual weather, but I did get to do alot of skating and took a couple of pics of some sweet park blading.

On Saturday we went to this gem buried in the small Town of Gaffney, SC know as Xtreme Days its crazy, they don't have a phone, and their website crashed so the only way to contact them is through myspace where you can find pictures, directions and information, what have you. The location isn't that bad, its not far from the interstate, its just really easy to miss if you don't know what they're looking for. Anywho, there is alot of fun stuff there that definitely makes it worth the trip so if you're ever passing through the Carolinas or in search of something fun, check them out. And Check out these sweet pics:
Johnny Ray, clearly number 1:
Johnny Ray - #1

And for cereal this time with this really clean air...hippie clinch?
Johnny Ray Steezin'
When Johnny isn't rippin up the ramps, he cares for underprivileged animals, what a stand up guy:
Johnny Ray Cares
Smiley Laced this really clean Topsoul:
Smiley - Topsoul
And this really clean AOTP:
Smiley - AOTP
I got to skate alot too, so I got Johnny to shoot this flick of me jumping into the quarter:
Yours Truly
Tim Taylor laced this really clean misfit:
Tim Taylor - Misfit
Tim also did this really crazy quarter to wallride drop in manuever...the long way:
Tim Taylor - Quarter to Wallride In
Lane Shilling, local Inman native threw down this really really clean parallel least I think that's parallel. haha:
Lane Shilling - 540
and the Rainy Day crew (minus Johnny, Tim and Tyler)
Rainy Day Park Crew
There are a couple more great pictures on my flickr so check that out if you get a chance.

So Smiley and myself are awoke by Jeremy to the tune of food and more skating. Since it was still raining, we did some more skating at local No Name Skatepark and had good times. Most of us were pretty sore so we didn't do anything that was really worth shooting but it was a good session and fun was had by all. The session however, was cut a little short because, somehow, it snowed here in South Carolina, and alot more than the little slush we're used to.

So after a long trek home, we decided that Smiley should Topsoul this rail that is close to my house. Here's a couple pre grind pics:
Smiley with the boots:
Jeremy was a pal and helped clean off the landing and runway:
I filmed the one he actually did so there isn't much to show besides snow actually being here in SC, but the video was pretty sweet and will definitely pop up in SOMO.

So after treking a couple miles in snow to skate/pick up beer, we came back to the apartment to chill in the warmth and end the night with nasty beer, good snacks, and great buds.
My work schedule is going to be a little weird but i think I'm sessioning Sunday, so holler at me.

Also, Mcmanus and I are shooting a new park edit tomorrow and I'm going to find a way to get that online so be on the lookout for it.

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