Monday, February 9, 2009

Productivity is Productive

Despite my roommate being investigated for Armed Robbery/stiffing me on rent/me kicking him out, this weekend was so awesome.

I didn't really get to skate Saturday because of all the roommate drama, but Sunday I got an early start and got alot done.

Let me first say, that Tim Taylor is amazing at rollerblading. His skating is solid, stylish, and impressive with a level of consistency that would blow your mind, watching him put together a line at a spot is like watching an artist transform a blank canvas into a masterpiece, its just amazing. (no homo)

This was the end of a line, 2nd trick of the day, skating his all new RB Solo Estilo's:

Tim Taylor RB Solo Estilo Impact Test

The session really went off after that, my long time friend Nick Bates came out to surprise everyone with his skating, Smiley came down and did a manly topsoul down a really high kink rail, and Tyler wowed and amazed us with his mushroom blading. It was such a fun time, I was sort of sad when the sun went down and the day ended...or so I thought.

Adam Called me at about 9pm for a late night session, at about midnight, he shows up and to both of our surprise, we got shit done. I also managed to capture this pretty sweet flick of him:
Adam Mcmanus - Full Torq

So it sucks that I had to miss the Boone session, but I guess the living situation was a little more important.

Also, Thomas Martin apparently banged up his ankle pretty bad so he is out of commission for the next month or so. :( But no worries I have alot of really good footage of him and definitely have enough for his section in SOMO.

So next weekend, I have to cover a shift on Sunday, and it's Valentines Day on Saturday, so it'll be busy but I'm sure I'll manage some skating in somewhere.

Either way, stay tuned.

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