Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Pictureless Update

ahhhhh wharglbarglbarglwhargl

Not being able to import all this awesome footage is killing me. The Charlotte trip was so dope, I got so much good footage of Phil, Montre, and Thomas, things went down just like I expected. There were a good number of people there too which always provides for a good time. My friend Riley Hilsman has been providing lots of premium footy that I haven't been able to import either. I can't wait!

At the moment, I have about 7 tapes of footage to import and the good news is I just purchased brand new 7200 rpm 500gb hard drive along with 2 extra gigs or ram for my ol' pc (had to indulge just a little :p) so when things get back to goin, i'll be in better shape than when I actually started.

Stay tuned I've really felt the need to be make a new trailer to kind of remind people about what I'm doing. I know I've been promising for like 3-4 weeks but I'm for serial this time. I think I have a song chopped up and ready to go so the rest is just the grunt work.

As soon as I get back online, I think I'm going to start the post production a little early just to get a jump on things. Everything is starting to piece together in my head and I have a really good idea of how the flow of things are going to work. So, that's pretty exciting.

Anywho, stay tuned. I'm gonna hit the ole grind pretty hard this upcoming week so a couple things may just pop up.


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