Thursday, October 30, 2008

Filming Update 10-26-08

Well well. So the weekend before last, Tim and I went on a bit of a solo mission and got a couple clips, we went and skated some OG spots that Tim used to roam around back in the day and got two really dope clips
Tim laced this fast plant to soul to gap over the bushes:
And this Fast plant to topsoul gap out to the street:
And that was pretty much all that was accomplished for that weekend, good stuff.

The following weekend, last weekend, it was the Mountain Man invasion, featuring the likes of Thomas Martin and Andrew Dobson, brother to the East Coast Legend Joe Dobson. And along with roomy Anthony Timmons and myself, we had a session going.

Thomas and I were in dire need of filming and getting some footage for his section because, due to the distance factor and the crazy schedule I work, he and I never get the chance to film. All filming ails were cured this past weekend.

The first spot we went to was a great local spot named brown rails, we get made fun of alot for our lack of originality in naming spots here in Greenville, which has a plethora of obstacles to skate and worked out being a great first spot.
Andrew laced this really steezed out Top Mistrial to hat catcher revert:
But not before working up some mud flaps:
Thomas laced a clean Top Porn to AO Top Porn across the flat rail:

Then we moved to this soul to gap off of this weird/really short pole that I'd always wanted to see someone do, and Thomas, took the falls like a champ about 14 times before he could take no more:
These never end well:
I say, on one attempt, he landed it but my vote got vetoed by the judges (Adam and Dustin), sorry Thomas, I was rooting for you.

After this we moved on to these weird black rails strangely positioned next to this ditch.
Thomas laced this waste high jump out and over the rail to soul, transition into the bank:

And then he jumped off of a roof:
And that wrapped up spot 1.

After some Subway, we all headed out to the next spot which is a Death Drop rail that towers about a story high that Tim had taken me to the preceding week. Long story short, Thomas laced.
But not before over jumping and sliding down the entire rail on his stomach:
Pornstar, Mountain Man Style:

Timmons was manning the camera and I took a really good shot that you'll probably see popping up as an RB ad for Thomas on account of his new RB Flow Status.

After Thomas Collected himself, we all went to the next and final spot. It was this gap that I had always looked at and swore to everyone we would go skate. I'm glad we finally did because this spot proved to be very fruitful.
Andrew was up first to lace the clean 180 to street:
Anthony was up next with this crazy Misty Flip over the same gap:
And Thomas was rocking the Melon Grab/Safety on the Double grab steez:

Also got a really clean pic of his pole tap to drop but I'm saving that for other reasons as well. Muahaha!

That pretty much concluded the weekend, except for the random visit from Ross Anthony on Tuesday. Through some weird scheduling reasons I just so happened to have Tuesday off as well, so we together a little session and got enough footage to crank out this little edit:

OR download this edit.

So that's it, I have a wedding to edit and author and I also have to work this weekend so probably no updates for another couple weeks, but be on the lookout because you never know.

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