Monday, July 14, 2008

Filming Update 07-15-08

Oh internet!! where to begin??!! well I suppose i should start by apologizing for not posting anything in so long. I've certainly been skating and filming and lots to tell you all about so I'm going to try and keep these short but with lots of pictures as to not waste your time!! Here goes!!!

Well I'll start from the beginning, which is some 3-4 weeks ago before I left for vacation, myself and Mr. Mcmanus went out to film before i left for the beach and managed to get a few clips at these red up rails. I'm not very please with the way the clips showed up so I'm just going to post a picture I took instead
Adam with a steezy Front Savvy:

The other tricks he laced there included a little rail to rail action but most of those, along with some other footy, where sent to Adam Killgore for this project he's working on that I personally am excited to see. But that was pretty much all we accomplished that particular night.

Moving right along to a Tim Taylor Session, the weekend after I got back, Tim and I got right back to filming and skating and we managed to pull out these two clips at different spots.
Here is a sweaty on a flat green rail Tim showed me:

Here is some kink drop in madness on these odd brick roll-ins Tim found:

This wallride spot and a little park pretty much concluded the first week back which was pretty exciting.
To give you an idea of how big it is:
Nick Bates last session in Greenville be safe at basic:
Crazy Leg Bates again:
Tim with a wallride through:

The next session would be this weekend, and at the moment I'm absolutely juiced on. For starters almost everybody that has a section in my video was in town, which I love sessions with all those guys and it was raining. Now on any other day, that would be a bad thing but I've had this song and idea in my head for a very long time that I wanted to include in the video and it just so happened that people needed to be skating in the rain for it, so this was a perfect opportunity. Basically, we skated two rain spots, got enough footage for me to make this short edit, that will be in my video, and after we dried off/the rain cleared we got another 2 spots in with alot of solid footage. So to spare the writing check out the screens:

Skating In the rain Tim Taylor
and I don't want to spoil these for anyone who wasn't there, you'll just have to get the video to see what these turn out to be, believe me...its worth it!!!

Tim Taylor Topacid Tru Mizou
Tim Mono Roll
Thomas Martin zero Pornstar:
Guess how this ends?
Smiley Fish Mid Grab
The dry spot #1 Adam Mcmanus mid budget trick:

Thomas Martin gap over the rail to Pornstar to Pornstar cess slide over:
Its not a Greenville session until Thomas winds up getting hurt (required stitches):
And Adam at the last spot with a Back Royale to Tru Front Farf:

Furthermore, I think I just finished editing the rain section that I'm so excited about and titles are soon to come!

A little bit of a set back has occured, Benny Harmanus, who if you don't know, owns/runs Chimera wheels, is putting together a video, and due to Adam's current flow status, most of all the footage that we currently have and are currently getting is being sent to Benny for a full section in their new video, which is extremely exciting. Like I said, its a bit of a set back but not a negative one at all, something good is definitely coming out of it. So now, you just have two really good Adam Mcmanus sections to look forward to! Stay on the look out for those.

Well sorry there weren't that many descriptive/mildly entertaining words in this one but there are just so many pictures that I thought it would compensate. Next time, I'll be a little more articulate haha.

Oh Cancer Benefit Comp in Boone for fallen roller Ryan Glenney this weekend!! Be there and Support the cause. See you there!!!

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