Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boone Benefit Comp Weekend 07-18 - 07-20

Boone Cancer Benefit Comp Title bar
So, I get off of work at 11:00 meet up with Tim Taylor, Kevin Dowling, and Adam Mcmanus at our house. For anybody unaware, Adam's car is always nasty, so before we head out, I do some militant style cleaning inside his ride to make room for our luggage. At about 1 in the morning, we get on the road and head to Boone.

The ride up was filled with good conversation, funny jokes and a few random bathroom breaks. I think we actually got into Boone at about 3am and didn't manage to get to sleep until about 5am. Nonetheless, we get our 5 hours of sleep in and get ready for the next day.

Kevin and Adam had slept at Andy Kruse's house the night before so at about 10 we called them and had them meet us at the park. When we get to the park, there were an unusual number of rollerbladers there, which considering the cause, was very exciting.

The Glenny's were the ones who actually threw this thing together, and they had $600 for the winners, lots of prizes, free food, and free drinks, they really went all out to make this thing go off the way it should have, and it did. Its amazing, the Boone park is so small but every time I make it out there, its always so much fun and so many people throw down. Check out the edit and see for yourself:

So a job well done by the Glenny's and Thomas Martin for organizing the event.

After the comp, we managed to get in some post comp skating on these ledges under a bridge. It was a good sized session with a bunch of good tricks, check them out:
Joe Matty AO Neg Acid:
Joey Adams Zero Top Soul:
Richard Nguyen 270 BS Unity:
Smiley BS Backslide:

After this spot, we headed out to AP State to skate their campus, and wow, this place is a haven for skating. amongst the many things we skated some strange obstacles and managed to get some rather interesting clips:
Joey Adams Laced this hop to ledge roll straight jump over the rail:
This pic doesn't do it justice but Tim laced this 540 to ledge roll down and around this brick planter to a drop royale on the rail...yeah:
Thomas did this nipple high ledge roll to electric box gap as well:
Notice the Drop on the Other side:
Drop Angle:

This wound up being the last spot, now it was time for friends and beer. Upon arriving to Thomas' apartment, we were greeted by Kevin and Andy, who had been drinking since the comp was over, and they provided great entertainment. Some memorable moments, when Kevin stole a random laptop and held it on his shoulder calling it the "boombox", Kevin proclaiming his love for Dustin Hinson, and Kevin asking Adam what our generation has contributed to the world and Adam responding..."myspace." So really, dirty took the show that night.
So here's to you dirty hahaha:

The next morning we woke up, had some bojangles, and headed to this weird mountain rail spot where we all did a little skating.
Me with a Farf to Topsoul to TTS:
Amac AO Fish:
These Never End Well:
But he came back to lace the Top Acid:
And Tim with a Soul BS Royale to Tru Soul:

After an hour or two there, Andy suggested that we all go swimming at these waterfalls here in Boone. So, we make our way back to Thomas' house and then leave to find these waterfalls.

On the way there I have to admit, I was a bit annoyed because it was taking a while to get there and I was on a bit of time schedule, but once we got there and parked and I could hear the waterfalls, I swear, nothing mattered anymore and that feeling was reaffirmed by the actual site of the waterfall.
Twisted Falls:
Wedge Himself, with the intro pre Misty:

After hanging out for a bit and jumping off of these rocks, we got our things together, hiked back to the car and headed home.

On our way back we stopped at this spot to get a couple of clips and got a few really good ones of Andy doing some awesome Mushroom blading into this bank.
Due to some personal problems, I had to trek back home a little earlier, and in a less excited mood than I wanted (my bad guys) but got home in an orderly fashion, got business taken care of and rested up for the week to come.

I'll be moving apartments soon here so the posts may be a little scattered, but I'll be filming so, if nothing, expect a big post in the future! Peace.

*I'm all moved in, and back on track.

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